How do I access the Question Bank?

ENT subscribers have access to a bank of past questions.  As the number of questions grows in other specialties we will add access to past questions for all subscribers.  Information on how to access the question bank was included in your purchase confirmation email.  To request this information contact ent@doseddaily.com.


How do I log-in?

Good news! You don’t need to log-in unless you want to access the question bank for ENT (see above). The questions and the quizzes come to your email and can be accessed with a single click. When you want credit just request it by email (see below). Simple!


How do I obtain my CME certificate?

Each CME subscriber is entitled to one CME certificate each year.  When you are ready to request your certificate simply email your request to cme@doseddaily.com.


What is your refund policy?

You can cancel anytime. You will be pro-rated at the monthly rate (if available) if you cancel partway through an annual subscription.


How can I contact DosedDaily?

You can reach us by email at info@doseddaily.com or send us a message on our contact page.


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